Tru-Test Loadbar set (2000kg gross) - 600mm pair


  • Product Code: 805122

Tru-Test Loadbar set (2000kg gross) - 600mm pair
The HD (heavy duty) series of load bars are designed for the most punishing weighing environments. They feature a unique foot assembly which has a special load centering cup to absorb large side loads generated by animals in a crush / chute environment. Heavy duty housing ensures strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Load cells are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and are fully potted with a polyurethane compound to prevent moisture ingress. HD load bars also feature heavy duty TPR / PVC cables to prevent cable damage.
  • 2000 kg capacity
  • Designed for heavy duty permanent applications
  • Design allows for severe loadings and high usage rates
  • Unique foot design absorbs large side loads
  • Galvanised steel housing ensures corrosion resistance
  • TPR / PVC load bar cabling for ultimate cable protection

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